S.R.A.N: Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need

SRAN (Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need)

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Here you will find a list of our long-term foster residents who are unable to be rehomed due to health conditions or other issues. These animals need as much love and support as those actively looking for a new home, maybe even more. Each of these animals will stay in a foster home until the day comes where they cross they rainbow bridge, loved and happy, just as they would be in any forever home. 



Lacey is 9yrs old and suffers from Arthritis and possibly Degenerative Myelopathy, which is an incurable neurological condition. She is a sweet natured girl with a huge heart and exceptionally loyal; great with dogs and kids too. We took Lacey in understanding her medical needs and vowed to get her on the best treatment we could to keep her as active, healthy and pain-free as possible. In just a week on her supplements and medication we began to see a different, but this is life-long and she needs this daily to continue to stay as well as she can and slow the progress of the disease. Lacey will also benefit from acupuncture at some stage as well as hydrotherapy and will need regular vet checks and blood tests to ensure all is well. This is all at the expense of SRAN: Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need, until such a time she finds a suitable forever home. Please help us help  Lacey?




Freya  came to us the only girl of a trio, originally thought to be a boy by her relinquisher, but careful examination and confirmation from our vet has confirmed 'Sebastian', as she was previously named, is actually a 'Freya'. The vet revealed some sad news about her however on her examination after we discovered a sizable mass by her right foreleg, he then discovered another by her left flank and several nodules along her belly, indicating that she likely has a number of tumours. After speaking with her relinquisher it would appear that in a week they've grown from penny sized lumps to small radish size, which is not a great prognosis. For this reason, Freya will not be up for adoption and will remain, with Laura, in long-term foster care. Freya is likely going to need an operation to remove these masses and we would love if our supporters might consider sponsoring our sick little girl. 


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