S.R.A.N: Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need

SRAN (Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need)

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Adoption Policy and Procedure

Adoption Fees.

Dogs: £150
Cats: £75
Rabbits: (in pairs) £50
                                                      Rodents: £10 - £30* (inseparable pairs will incur separate adoption fee)
                                                       Exotics: £40 - £80* (inseparable pairs will incur separate adoption fee)

You think you have what it takes to give one of our animals a loving, forever home?

Below is a basic outline of what we expect from every adoptive party: Some animals are very special cases and these procedures may not apply - please ask if unsure.

*Every adoptive party will be subject to a home-check prior to adopting. If you think you would like to adopt, please get in touch before hand to schedule this. We will require to meet all members of the household and all family pets. Proof of residency will be required as will Photo Identification.

We will not re-home to anyone going on holiday or moving house within 6 months or if anyone in the household is pregnant.

* Minimum fence height requirement for dogs is 4ft for small dogs and 6ft for medium/large dogs. This fence must enclose your garden completely and be structurally sound.

*We will not re-home a dog that will be left more than 4 hours daily without prior arrangements being made - i.e dog walker. We will require proof of hiring.

*Living in rented accommodation will require written confirmation from letting agent/landlord stating animals are allowed.

*Cats will only be re-homed to homes away from busy roads.

* Re-homing puppies will require proof of enrolment in puppy classes.

*We endeavour to neuter every animal in our care, sometimes this may not be possible due to age or health reasons, but we will not re-home any animal to a household with un-neutered animals. Proof will be required by providing veterinary details for us to contact.

*Rabbits must be provided with 6x2x2 hutches and 8x4 runs to meet their basic space and exercise needs daily. 

*Social creatures, Rabbit and Guinea Pigs should live in mixed pairs or groups for optimal social needs to be met. These animals must ALL be neutered.

*You will sign an agreement stating you will provide the 5 welfare needs of animals and that at any point the animal is in your care and you can no longer provide for him/her appropriately, he/she will immediately be returned to the refuge; the agreement will also state you accept to update the rescue on the progress of the animal in your care and will be subject to 'spot-check' home-checks to ensure the welfare needs are being met and the animal is still with you. Selling/Breeding animals obtained from the refuge will incur legal action.

*Adoption fee required in full before any animal will be relinquished to your care: This can be paid  as one or in 2-3 instalments. At no point will adoption fee or part fee be refunded.