S.R.A.N: Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need

SRAN (Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need)

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Mission Statement

Sophie's Refuge for Animals in need offers safety for animals who might need it: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents and other exotics. These could be animals awaiting destruction in pounds, vet relinquishments, owner relinquishments, abandoned, stray, abused, neglected and more. Our aims are twofold: Our primary objective is to educate the general public on responsible animal ownership and care, and to current owners who may be struggling and not have the resources or advice to help learn to cope. Secondly, when necessary, we aim to provide 5* accomodation, adequate, quality, nutrition where possible, and also veterinary care for animals that come into our care. Altogether, with a big dose of love, we ultimately find the animals loving forever homes. Should a forever home need to give up their animal for any reason, or find themselves in a struggle, we will always take the animal back into our care. 

Our animals all recieve an initial basic health check from a vet when they come into our refuge, they will be microchipped, innoculated, treated for worms and fleas and neutered (wherever possible before rehome) and ensure they receive any further medical treatment they may require whilst in our care. Any animals we are unable to neuter before rehome (medical reasons etc) will leave with a contract stating that the animal MUST be neutered at the very earliest opportunity and checks with their registered vet and home visit will apply. 

We operate a non-destruction policy.


1. S.R.A.N Growth & Development
Developing SRAN to ensure we are effiecient, effective and fit for purpose as we tackle the number of animals in need and the welfare issues that plague the U.K.

2. Refuge and Safety

SRAN: Sophie's Refuge for Animals in Need actively looks for homeless, injured, abused, and abandoned animals, we will accept referrals from other rescues or city council pounds and also intake owner relinquishments where members of the public may no longer be able to provide for their animals. We will work with other rescues UK wide and city council pounds UK wide to place animals in the most suitable environment where all the animal's veterinary needs are met; from routine work to on-going care. We will do this by adopting all animals into loving, permanent homes and until such time provide full home-checked, suitable foster home environments for the animals. For animals which are not adoptable, we hope to provide refuge and work together with our behaviourist to rehbilitate any ongoing problems to work towards stabilising and rehoming responsibly if possible.

3. Adoption

We aim to provide information, support and education to ensure safety, loving and responsible homes are found for all the animals in SRAN's care.We intend to provide ongoing support and training referrals so that each adoption is a success.

4. Education and The Community 

Eductation is paramount to the success of responsible animal ownership and tackling the mammoth task that is the animal welfare problem currently facing the U.K. We hope to gain valuable research materials suitable to cover a range of age groups and abilities from school age to university age and beyond. We aim to provide instructive school demonstrations and seminars from basic care and responsibility of animal ownership, to health matters, neutering awareness whilst raising awareness of the crisis situation in rescues UK wide (and worldwide).

5. Spay/Neuter

Beginning with the animals in SRAN's care, we aim to strongly campaign and advocate neutering of all animals in the community and UK wide. We provide assitance to the public where we can to help them neuter their pets with by contributing to costs or when funds are low, directly dealing with other charities or schemes in place that owners may not have been aware of. We freely advertise all help from RSPCA, Dog's Trust and other charities in place to help with these procedures. We will also provide transport and advice to the public where necessary.

6. Volunteers

SRAN aims to attract an array of dedicated, compassionate individuals willing and able to spare some free-time to helping us with a number of roles within our organisation from home-checking foster carers and adopters, to vet transport runs, animal collection and drop-offs, fostering animals for us and fundraising activities. Volunteers are the heart and soul of every rescue organisation, working together in symbiosis to achieve the same goals and without them a rescue wouldn't survive.

SRAN are a very young organisation, but a wealth of knowledge and experience behind us in different areas, but learning and growing daily to provide better care of animals in need and education for the community. Hard working and dedicated to those who need us most, we're on call around the clock.